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Sales & Service of Universal Testing Machine, Tensile Testing machine, Load Cells, Load Indicators, sensors, etc.......

Megatech Associates provides affadoble cost reliability and promt supply & services for Civil and mechanical testing laboratory.
High Resolution Load Cells (Lab & / Industry)

1000 + Lab Equipment

Precision Instruments is trusted by Over a Thousand Laboratories.

1500 Valued Customer

Valued Customers: Our Dedication to Excellence Remains Unwavering.

Exporting Globally

Global Exporting: Sharing Excellence with Clients Worldwide.

High Resolution Load Cells (Lab & / Industry)

Comprehensive Testing Solutions

Discover Megatech Associates’ array of testing laboratory instruments, including Civil, Cement, Soil, Bitumen, and Material Testing Machines, with precision.

Why Megatech Associates

Our success and reputation has been the results of excellence and our endeavours to provide our clients with the most satisfying Customers. We credit a lot of factors to have helped us in achieving our objectives.

Your Precision Testing Equipment Partner

Megatech Associates is your trusted partner for precision testing equipment. Our extensive catalog offers cutting-edge solutions for bitumen oil, concrete, soil analysis, and material testing. We prioritize precision and reliability, offering electronic extensometers, high-res load cells, and state-of-the-art testers…
 Laboratory, Industry Services

NABL and Non NABL Calibration Services

Mechanical, Thermal, and Electro-technical Calibration: Our comprehensive services ensure accurate and reliable measurements for your instruments and equipment.

NABL Calibration Mechanical Service

NABL calibration services Ensuring Precision and Compliance for Your Instrumentation Needs.

Thermal Calibration Services

Accurate Temperature Measurement for Your Critical Instruments and Devices.

Electro Technical Calibration Service

Empower Your Electronics with Precision: Electro-Technical Calibration at Its Best.
Lab Equipments Products

Elevating Lab Precision

Explore our comprehensive range of laboratory essentials, including glassware, chemicals, incubators, and hot air ovens, ensuring precise and reliable experiments.
Laboratory Glassware
Laboratory Chemicals
Lab Incubator
Hot Air Oven

What our customers are saying

Customers rely on Megatech Associates for high-quality products, including bitumen, petroleum, concrete, and cement testing equipment. Hear their testimonials.