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Comprehensive Testing Solutions

Discover Megatech Associates’ array: bitumen, concrete, soil testing gear, high-res load cells, and material testers. Elevate testing precision with us.

Cement/Concrete Testing Equipments

Cement and concrete testing equipment from Megatech Associates encompasses a comprehensive range of precision instruments designed to meet the demanding requirements of construction and civil engineering projects. Our cutting-edge equipment includes compression testing machines, concrete mixers, slump cones, and more, ensuring that your concrete and cement materials adhere to industry standards. Trust in Megatech Associates for accuracy and reliability, crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of your construction projects.

Compaction Factor Apparatus

Compression Testing Machine


Slump Cone Test App

Concrete Permeability Apparatus

Laboratory Concrete Mixer

Concrete Test Hammer

Flow Table

Flexure Testing Machine

Compaction Factor Apparatus

Vibrating Table

Vibrating Table

Material Testing Equipments

Megatech Associates offers a wide spectrum of advanced material testing equipment designed to assess the quality and performance of diverse materials. Our range includes universal testing machines, hardness testers, impact testers, and more. These instruments are essential for industries like manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive to ensure materials meet stringent standards. With Megatech Associates, you can be confident in the quality and integrity of your materials, fostering trust and precision in your processes.

Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus

Aggregate Impact Tester

Test Sieves

Dorry Abrasion

Ball Mill

Deval Abrasion

Buoyancy Balance

Length Gauge


Thickness Guage

Digital Los Angeles

Riffle Sample Divider

Tile Abrasion Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine

Pendulum Impact Tester

Rockwell Hardness Testing

Digital Torsion Testing Machine

Digital Spring Testing Machine

Vicker Hardness Testing

Fatigue Testing Machine

Bulk Density Apparatus

Brinell Hardness Testing

Pendulum Impact Tester

Density Basket

Tensile Testing Machine

Digital Spring Testing Machine

Soil Lab Testing Equipments

Megatech Associates provides a comprehensive selection of soil laboratory testing equipment, catering to the diverse needs of geotechnical and environmental engineering projects. Our inventory includes soil moisture meters, compaction testers, and particle size analyzers, among others. These precision instruments are essential for assessing soil properties, ensuring the stability and safety of construction projects, agricultural applications, and environmental studies. Trust Megatech Associates for accurate, reliable.

California Bearing Ratio

Standard Compaction

Hydraulic Extractor Frame

Static Cone Penetrometer

Planetary Mixer

Rapid Moisture Meter

Unconfined Compression Tester

Direct Shear Apparatus

Vane Shear

Point Load Index Tester

Unconfined Compression Tester

Liquid Limit-Device

Consolidation Test Apparatus

Flow Table

Direct Shear Apparatus

Field Plate Bearing Test Apparatus

Flow Table

Extractor Frame Universal

Sieve Shaker

Compaction Factor Apparatus

Direct Shear Apparatus

Soil Testing Kit


Permeability Apparatus

Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus

Vibrating Table

Plastic Limit Set

Bitumen - Asphalt / Oil and Petrolemum Testing Equipments

Megatech Associates offers a wide array of advanced testing equipment specifically designed for bitumen, asphalt, oil, and petroleum analysis. Our range includes penetration testers, softening point apparatus, and viscosity measurement tools, among others. These instruments are crucial for quality control and compliance in the construction, energy, and transportation industries. Trust Megatech Associates for precise and dependable solutions that ensure performance .

Bitumen Extractor

Marshall Stability Test Apparatus

Hydraulic Extractor Frame

Saybolt Viscometer

Bitumen Mixer

Abels Flash Point Apparatus

Softening Point Apparatus

Ductility Testing Machine

Aniline Point Apparatus

Standard Penetrometer

Core Drilling Machine

Digital Bitumen Compactor

Vane Shear

Bomb Calorimeter Apparatus

Kinematic Viscometer Bath

Survey Equipments

Megatech Associates provides a comprehensive range of precision survey equipment tailored to the needs of land surveyors, geologists, and civil engineers. Our inventory includes total stations, GPS receivers, theodolites, and more, all designed to ensure accurate and efficient data collection for surveying and mapping projects. Trust in Megatech Associates for reliable and durable survey equipment that enhances the precision and effectiveness of your fieldwork, contributing to the success of your projects.

Bitumen Extractor

Marshall Stability Test Apparatus

Electronic/ Vernier Transit Theodolite

Al Levelling Staff

GPS Surveying System

Prism Pole

Survey Tripod

Disc Pelletiser

Digital Planimeter

Disc Grinder

Laboratory Crusher

Analytical Laboratory Equipments

Megatech Associates delivers an extensive selection of state-of-the-art analytical laboratory equipment to meet the rigorous demands of modern research and quality control. Our inventory includes spectrophotometers, chromatography systems, and mass spectrometers, among others. These instruments empower scientists and technicians across various fields to achieve accurate and reliable analytical results. Count on Megatech Associates to provide cutting-edge solutions for your analytical laboratory needs.

Water & Soil Analysis Kit

Bulk Density Apparatus

Karl Fisher Moisture Titrator

Haemoglobin Meter

Flame Photometer


Photo Colorimeter

Conductivity TDS Salinity Meter

General Lab Equipments

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Vertical Autoclave

Water Bath

Research Centrifuges

Haemoglobin Meter

Analytical Balance


Muffle Furnace

Laboratory Glassware

Hot Plate

Laboratory Chemicals

Laboratory Plasticware

 Laboratory, Industry Services

NABL and Non NABL Calibration Services

Mechanical, Thermal, and Electro-technical Calibration: Our comprehensive services ensure accurate and reliable measurements for your instruments and equipment.

NABL Calibration Mechanical Service

NABL calibration services Ensuring Precision and Compliance for Your Instrumentation Needs.

Thermal Calibration Services

Accurate Temperature Measurement for Your Critical Instruments and Devices.

Electro Technical Calibration Service

Empower Your Electronics with Precision: Electro-Technical Calibration at Its Best.